Storing Business Documents Safely

Rent is high in many commercial locations. Businesses need to find ways to maximize the space they have while keeping this expense down. One way to do so is to make use of Self Storage Units in Brooklyn to store files and other business documents. However, before moving papers to a storage unit, make certain they are prepared properly so no damage incurs and causes issues for the business.


First and foremost, research the security of the different Self Storage Facilities in Brooklyn. No business wants to learn they have been compromised as a result of a break-in at their unit. Choose a facility that features a computerized gate, keypad entry, staff on site, and video surveillance. In addition, the facility should be climate controlled to make certain the documents will not be damaged due to changes in the weather. Humidity, heat, and freezing temperatures can all harm the documents.

Document Boxes

Strong cardboard boxes remain the preferred choice for document storage. Make certain to use filler material, however, in those boxes that are not completely filled. This ensures the papers will not move around during transport to or from the unit. Furthermore, be certain to secure each box with packaging tape so nothing gets lost.

Storing the Documents

Never share the security code of Storage Units in Brooklyn with non-essential personnel. This is the key thing every business needs to remember, as personal information is often stored in these units and shouldn't be accessed by many individuals. Make certain the boxes are overfilled and never use newspaper as filler material. The print from the newspaper may rub off and damage the documents. Keep each box to between 30 and 50 pounds to prevent injury to individuals when they must be moved and make certain the boxes don't rest on the floor. Place something underneath them to protect the boxes from damage or make use of shelving units.

Fire safes are a good option to increase the security of documents in the unit. For those businesses located in a flood zone, airtight boxes are recommended also. Make certain to label each box and create a master list of the contents of each box for easy retrieval of documents. Finally, older files should be placed to the rear of the unit and newer files in the front.

Self Storage Units are of great help to many businesses. With the help of a unit, clutter may be removed from the office which leads to increased productivity. Research storage options today to determine if this is the right choice for your organization.